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Prayer Request for a Mom in Uganda

Today we received this update from our leader Mercy, in Uganda, and we urge you to join us in prayer.

"Today I was visited by Jan and her daughter Amy, a 13year old in 4th Primary school. Jan has seen concerning changes in her daughter that prompted her to bring the daughter to me for medical help. I discovered Amy is 1 month pregnant. Both the mother and her daughter were taken back and are heart broken. The shocking news caused them a lot of worry and stress. Because I am pro-life, I have given both the mother and her daughter counseling in hopes she chooses life for this growing baby. But the mother's decision is still pending as she can't decide and now she is speechless. We Pray that God intervenes in this situation for the power and grace belongs to him. Thank you!"

All the best,

Kaylee Pisacreta

Director of Development

Pro Life Global

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