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Pray that she doesn't take the flight today

Hi Bethany,

A young woman is planning on flying today from her village to Bangelore, India to get an abortion. She is a friend of one of the people who attended the Pro-Life Global workshop we hosted in South Asia in March. She already took five pills, but the Lord protected the baby's life. The young mom is unmarried, but living with her boyfriend. Pray that...

  • she doesn't take the flight

  • the boyfriend steps up to be a dad and fights for the life of his child

  • the mom accepts the help being offered her by her friend

  • the mom & child are saved from abortion

One of our Ugandan leaders, Phyllis, also asked for prayer. A young girl from her church named Ruth is six months pregnant. Her mom passed away and so she is living with her father and step mom. Ruth's step mom is "unconcerned"; Ruth's father is furious. The father of the child is Tony and is younger than Ruth herself. Phyllis is meeting tomorrow with Ruth for a longer conversation. Pray that...

  • God gives Phyllis the words to say to Ruth and her family

  • Ruth's father changes his heart

  • Ruth finds the courage and support she needs to choose faith and life

For God so loved the world, that He gave his one and only son that whoever believes in Him might have everlasting life.


Bethany Janzen

Pro-Life Global


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