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Meet Barbara and Baby Jonathan!

Picture you are 15 years old, pregnant, alone and afraid, considering abortion. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many moms in Uganda, specifically Barbara's reality.

Barbara's story continues below.....

Barbara is a young girl who attends Magale Royal Secondary School located in Ugunda. At just 15 years old she and her boyfriend found out they were pregnant. Scared and afraid, Barbara began to consider abortion.

Barbara then met Esther, one of our pro-life leaders in her school, who encouraged her to keep her baby and spoke words of life. Francisco, her pro-life leader in her community, also gave her words of encouragement and with their help, Barbara confidently chose life for her baby boy!

Though Barbara made a bold and brave choice, her boyfriend thought otherwise. He was not happy and decided to skip town leaving her alone and afraid. Luckily, she had her mom’s love and support which helped her during this fearful time.

Barbara faced complications during birth, which led to a C-section. Her family does not have the money to help her pay for her hospital bills and because she couldn’t pay, the hospital made her stay there until she could. Her pro-life friends were able to get them some food and helped out as much as they could. Due to this being an urgent matter, we were able to find a generous donor to pay for her medical bill. She is now home and recovering but she is still facing major complications from her C-section, and is in a lot of pain and is very weak. Through God’s grace, Barbara and her baby boy, Jonathan are alive!

Because of your support, we are able to raise up leaders in Uganda who in turn, helped Barbara choose life for her baby! Please continue to pray for Barbara as she recovers.

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