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A Life Saved in Vietnam

Teresa’s heart instantly dropped when she read the message: a college student needs

help with the burial of her aborted baby’s remains. Teresa closed her sorrowful eyes, took a deep, steadying breath, and immediately called the student. She wanted to hear this girl’s story and hopefully find a way to support her through all of the emotional trauma that comes with abortion. However, relief, followed by urgency, flooded Teresa’s senses when the student explained that she had not yet had the abortion, but had plans to do it the very next day. Teresa knew she had to do something—anything—to help this scared girl, and she only had a few hours in which to do it.

Teresa works in a pro-life youth group in Vietnam and knew it was her duty to help this pregnant student and her baby in any and every way that she could.

During their phone call, Teresa found out that the student was staying at her friend’s house that night and would go to the abortion clinic with her mother in the morning. Teresa met the girl during a very complicated time in her life. It was her own mother who had pressured her to have an abortion, despite her hesitations and fears. This young woman was left without support from the very person who should unceasingly and genuinely seek what’s best for her daughter.

Teresa knew that to save a life, she had to ensure this student was in a safe environment, one that would support her and her child. She urged the student to stay with her friend, instead of going to the clinic with her mother, until they could figure out the next step.

Despite the pressure of the young woman’s mother to have the abortion, the teenager was not alone. Her baby’s father wanted her to keep the baby as well, so they could nurture and care for it together. At the same time, she had the entire PLG community behind her, encouraging her to choose life through Teresa’s comforting voice.

Teresa’s pro-life group arranged for the student to stay with her friend over the next few weeks until she could get into a shelter that gave her the help she needed. With all of this support, the student felt safe enough to keep her baby and build a beautiful family, supported by the love between herself, her boyfriend, and their child, as well as by the love that Teresa so willingly offered to her. This year, she is getting married to her boyfriend and giving birth to their child!

The college student made it clear that without Teresa’s call, without her help, and without her mission, her baby’s life would have been lost and she herself would have been left hopeless, scared, and grieving.

Leaders like Teresa help to change the world, saving one baby at a time! It is only with the support of the PLG community that we can form groups to preserve the mission of saving lives. Let us all pray that this excited, young woman will have a beautiful marriage and a safe birth, and that our message will carry on through her life to other people.

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