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Meet Jean: From Abortion-Minded to Life-Minded

After he finished university, Jean fell in love with a young girl, Faustine, who had also just finished university. Shortly after, Faustine found out she was pregnant. Because they had not been together very long, and just getting out of college, they were scared and started to consider aborting the baby.

Jean remembered his friend, Emmanuel was the president of the Burundian Students for Life group at his university and decided to reach out thinking Emmanuel could help him get abortion pills. He knew Emmanuel was an active memeber of his pro-life group, but Jean mistakely thought that Emmanuel had access to abortion pills.

Once Emmanuel realized what Jean was asking him to do, he quickly invited him to the Pregnancy Counseling training that his pro-life group was getting ready to host. During this training, Jean listened and learned about the pro-life message and why he should fight for life. After coming to the realization that the baby inside Faustine was in fact a baby, created by God, and was given to Jean and Faustine to love and cherish, he changed his mind and made the decision to marry Faustine. The couple got married and in September, they welcomed a beautiful baby girl, named Marie shortly after. 

Not only was a beautiful baby saved, but a beautiful family was started. Jean is now the most active member of his pro-life team! If Jean had never attended that training, both him and Faustine would be living very different lives right now and beautiful baby girl, Marie wouldn't be here. Because of your support, we were able to train and equip Emmanuel, and give him the training to then teach other people in his university! Without the training, Jean wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be a dad to his new beautiful daughter and a husband to his new wife.

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