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Seven Babies Saved at 40 Days for Life Jamaica Campaign

It looked like a scene out of a movie. Danielle Fyne, a member of a pro-life group, stood on Ivy Green Crescent Street in Jamaica, outside an alleged abortion clinic. She and her teammates held signs begging women to choose life for their babies, asking for prayer requests, and sharing their support. 

Suddenly, Danielle heard a man angrily yelling at her. She turned around to see a doctor kicking up their pro-life signs and pointing angrily at Ygal, another team member peacefully praying. The doctor turned to Danielle and her teammates, brandished a gun, and threatened to murder them. They were shocked and afraid, but they knew that they could not stop their mission to save lives. They called the police who rushed to the scene and held back the livid doctor.

This was only day one of the 40 Days for Life Campaign.

The pro-life organizations throughout Jamaica banded together under the name of Pro-Life Jamaica from February 14 to March 24 to put on 40 Days for Life. In March 2022 two of Pro-Life Global’s co-founders came to Jamaica to host a training on how to start pro-life student teams. Out of this training, the Love March Movement together with other pro-life organizations decided to launch Students for Life Jamaica and Pro-Life Jamaica – the umbrella organization for the lifesaving work in the country. 

The goal of 40-Days for Life was to reach out to everyone passing and convert the women who were considering abortions. Each day, members of 40 Days for Life Jamaica led by the Love March Movement (LMM) stood on Ivy Green Crescent, a road that historically many women have traveled to seek abortions, praying from 8am to 8pm, spreading truth and love to all who would hear. To Dr. Daniel Thomas, the president of LMM, this program was an opportunity to challenge the whole system in Jamaica that does not provide women with the pregnancy resources that flow so easily in America, and to create a system of support that is incredibly accessible to all women in pregnancy crises.

In Daniel’s words, he envisions a system of support for women that is so seamless that “all a woman has to do is sneeze and suddenly, all these support systems appear out of nowhere.” 

On day 33, the pro-lifers faced another shocking situation. Two people were out offering support to any women who passed by, when prostitutes came out of the clinic heckling the pro-lifers. They ignored the taunts and threats, and committed to praying faithfully but one of the self-identified prostitutes dropped a cinder block from a few centimeters above. Thankfully, he only suffered mild swelling and some bruising and was seen at the nearby hospital and cleared of serious injuries. But the heckling did not end here.  

Over the next four days, Daniel and his team were continuously heckled and assaulted by prostitutes. At one point, Daniel looked around to see three prostitutes circling him and violently threatening him. The prostitutes threw a bucket of water at the feet of Daniel and his team before throwing rocks at the wall next to them. They stole two signs, destroyed others, pushed people, and threatened to kill them. 

It was truly a battle between good and evil. 

Daniel and his team faced real, life-threatening situations, but they held firm and pushed through. It was all worth it because they saved the lives of at least seven! 

Daniel told us that a team member, moments after arriving at the prayer vigil, stopped one woman about to head into the clinic. She gave her a flyer detailing their mission and the help being offered. The young lady was about three months pregnant at the time and was set on having the abortion. After reading the flyer and hearing there was help, she broke down in tears. Daniel was called over to help and gave her assurance that the Love March team would definitely help her. She listened. They talked for about two hours, and she decided to keep her baby. This was just one of seven women. 

As Daniel said to me, “When you hear the call of the Lord, you hit the ground.” This truth speaks volumes to the work everyone in the pro-life movement is doing. Without this attitude—without this dedication to such a serious issue—we would be nowhere. But today, in Jamaica, seven unborn babies and seven women have been saved from the clutches of the abortion industry.

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