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Out of Money and Afraid: How One Man Helped Three to Choose Life in Pakistan

In Faisalabad, Pakistan, a woman stares at herself in her bathroom mirror. She’s frantic, frazzled, frightened. Her cheeks flush with color at the news: she’s pregnant with her sixth child. And, she is overjoyed. She can’t wait to bring another beautiful baby into the world, and she loves this child so deeply already. But she doesn’t know what to do.


She doesn’t want to tell her husband. She knows what he’ll say: we have too many kids already. We can’t afford another child. It’s a huge financial burden. So, he’ll tell her to get an abortion. This is the last thing she wants, but she doesn’t know how to face him.


This is the situation for many women in Pakistan, according to our Pakistan National leader Naeem. He recently shared that this daunting problem—finances—is the most common reason that women in Pakistan get abortions. This is why our work to mobilize the community to be the hands and feet of Jesus is important.


Between January and March, our Pakistani leaders have saved three babies in Faisalabad who were in situations just like this one!


One woman recently approached Naeem, distressed, because her husband told her to abort their baby. Her husband felt the heavy responsibility to support his family and was afraid. They already had so many children, and he didn’t think he could make enough money to feed another child, especially when his family was already struggling to be fed themselves. Naeem saw this family’s cry for help.


Not only did Naeem share the truth with this woman, but he also provided her with concrete resources that could help alleviate her husband’s fear. He first changed this woman’s heart, sharing with her what God revealed to us: that abortion actually kills.


This woman who was very spiritual, as most people in Pakistan are, realized that because this was a commandment from God, she must follow His words. Naeem also provided this family with food packages and other resources to help them with any financial burdens that they were worried about. By the grace of God, this woman is about to give birth to a healthy child who will be welcomed into the world with wide-open, loving arms.


Similar situations happened with two other women who work at a brick factory in Faisalabad, and a total of three moms and babies were saved!


Every action we do, even ones that might feel small to us, can have a huge effect in by helping even one person save a life! Speak up, reach out. Take action.


You might just save a life.

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