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A Message From Our President

Yesterday morning I landed at 2 am in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. At the moment I'm listening to speakers of the Ibero-American Congress for Life and Family. 


God is doing so much and is so, so good!!


Where do I start?! Let’s start with Bolivia. Nearly two years ago, Melanie (one of our Pro-Life Global Co-Founders) went to Bolivia with me to help launch pro-life student teams in the country. Sadly, the youth leaders gave into fear of being kicked out of university and didn’t follow through with launching teams in the country. Yesterday, I was surprised to see the same leader and was happy to hear that she and her sister are organizing events in their universities. We'll get dinner tonight. 


The last couple days I've been meeting with many Christian leaders from across Latin America who want to help their youth launch local lifesaving teams. On Saturday, I'll be speaking to all of the student pro-life the leaders from Bolivia at their national conference following their march for the family tomorrow night. 


God worked out all of the details in a short amount of time to be able to come. Sometimes we plant a seed and wonder if anything will ever come from it. But God’s timing is often different from ours.


Over the past few weeks, our team has also connected with key leaders who want to launch pro-life student teams in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Brazil. This is a huge answer to prayer, as we’re planning a two-month long mission in Latin America this summer to train leaders on the ground how to start LIFE Teams, change hearts and minds during outreach, and help moms in unexpected pregnancy and beyond.


In Asia, God is raising up leaders in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Taiwan, and Indonesia – in addition to India, Vietnam, and Pakistan where we already have teams.


This month, our leader in Taiwan is speaking with some college students about starting student teams.


In India, a nationwide online training with 44 participants took place today. Leaders from the Manipur region (where churches were burned last year) are stepping up to engage their youth and churches!


In Nepal, the founder of a Christian student movement is heading up the work to start LIFE Teams across the country in collaboration with an established pro-life organization.


In Pakistan, a family (brothers, sisters, and relatives) is engaging their community, helping moms choose life and walking alongside them to be able raise their children.


In South Africa, the first LIFE Teams got launched this spring at Potchefstroom. To reach the students in the largely Afrikaans community, we helped them create two teams: a students for life team and one focused on helping moms in unexpected pregnancy.


And in Tanzania, the first LIFE Team is being launched: Mwenge University Life Team.


Thank you for your prayers, support, and connecting us with leaders from across the world. Each day as we raise up the army of 73 million lifesavers, we get one step closer to a world without abortion to the glory of God.

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