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Rescuing a Blind Mom & Her Newborn...

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from our leader in South Asia. He told me that in a small village, a blind woman - we'll call her Martha - got pregnant and just gave birth. Discharged from the hospital, Martha arrived home to be refused entry by her caregivers. Instead, they forced Martha to sleep outside in the rain with her newborn. In this rural region, abortion is not very common. Instead, it is the norm to put salt or grains of rice in the mouth of the infant at three days old, leading to the child's death.

Fearing that this might happen to Martha's baby, our leader took the train several hours to Martha's village to meet with her. Local church leaders took her into their home until Martha was able to get to a maternity home in a different part of the country (there is no maternity home in that area of the country). We want to honor our leaders in South Asia and across the world who are using their own resources to travel long distances to ensure that lives are saved. They are true lifesavers.

Many blessings, Bethany Janzen President Pro-Life Global

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