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Changing the World… One Student Leader at a Time

As I end my first month of working for Pro-Life Global, I am in awe of the enormous amount of work set ahead of us and grateful for the dozens of fruitful conversations I’ve had with Pro-Life leaders about what they have already done in their countries.

Sushil (India): Sushil was the first pro-life leader I was in contact with through Pro-Life Global, and the first group I held a pro-life 101 training for. He was extremely patient with me throughout the process, and we are in contact about starting more groups in India. In India, abortion is legal up to 20 weeks, so there is a large need for student groups to be started and educational awareness to be raised about how abortion actually ends the life of a child and is devastating to the mother.

Joseph (Nigeria): Joseph is an extremely passionate member of Concern for Life Foundation in Nigeria, and in a conversation I had with him a few weeks ago we discussed how abortion is currently illegal in Nigeria, but abortions still happen—and they still happen with much frequency. I think one thing we don’t recognize as much here in America is that laws are the

first steps: pro-life laws are the first step to creating a culture of life around the world, but there is really an incredibly larger picture here. For example, in Nigeria abortion is illegal but there is still such a need for pro-life education because people are still getting abortions around the country.

Mezgebu (Ethiopia): I spoke with Mez last week, and when I asked him to introduce himself I heard a joy in his voice that I rarely hear when speaking to anyone. Mez works with students in universities across Ethiopia, giving them talks and educating them on the beauty of the Pro-Life Movement. When I mentioned the possibility of Pro-Life Global coming to give an intensive training, he was absolutely overjoyed. I hope to meet Mez in person in Ethiopia soon!

Tobias (Kenya): Tobias was asked to address the summit in South Africa in September on ending sexual exploitation in Africa, and I got the opportunity to work with him on drafting talking points. He will be addressing not only the issue of abortion but also how sexual

exploitation occurs when children are prematurely sexualized before their brains are mature enough to handle sex, how cultural messages and pornography promote sexual exploitation, and how Pro-Life Global educate, empower, and instill moral dignity among children, young adults and parents across the world.

As I continue to be in contact with these pro-life leaders from different countries, it’s clear to me that the Pro-Life Movement is incredibly large in scope, and there is an incredible amount of work to do. But what’s also clear to me is that there are so many people willing to help—willing to do the work to change the culture and turn our world into a world that truly values life.

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