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Stop Exporting Abortion

To the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations: 

The Helms Amendment is a nearly 50-year-old pledge that the United States taxpayer will not be forced to fund abortion globally. It is not the role or the right of the United States government to coerce the developing world to terminate their people through abortion.

I urge you to vote against S. 4341 otherwise known as the “Abortion is Healthcare Everywhere Act.”


The Threat

For nearly 50 years, the Helms Amendment has protected the United States taxpayer from being forced to fund abortion globally. Sadly, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is considering the "Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act." S. 4641 designates tax dollars for international abortions. This neo-colonial bill is currently in the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. 


You’re in the Majority  


Nearly three-quarters (73%) of Americans either “oppose” or “strongly oppose” using tax dollars to support abortion abroad, including 59% who self-identify as pro-choice, according to a January, 2022 Marist Poll. 


It’s a moral issue. The United States government should not force you to fund the barbaric and racist practice of killing other nations' children. Already 88% of abortions are committed in developing countries, terminating one out of three children. 


Take Action


It is critical that the “Abortion is Helath Care Everywhere Act” dies in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. For this to happen, the committee members need to hear your voice. Sign the petition and mobilize your community to make your voice heard. Return the petition to: Pro-Life Global, P.O. Box 211551, Bedford, TX 76095, or e-mail a copy to:  


Sign online & get informed at: 

The US taxpayer shouldn't have pay for foreign abortions.

The US government has no business in foreign abortions.

Vote NO on the "Abortion is Healthcare Everywhere Act".

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