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Your Investment Has Saved Another Two Lives

Your investment in raising up lifesavers is paying off! I just got this email from our African Regional Coordinator, Phyllis. One of the ladies she has trained - Sulwa - shared her story and I couldn't help but share it with you.

Am here to share with you my story about the two ladies who thank God saved a life.

One is married lady - mother of five now - who conceived. The husband was not happy about it because the spacing was narrow she had a baby less than one and half years before, so the husband declined to give support unless she aborts the pregnancy. With God will I kept on engaging the lady; it was tough season, but am here to testify that Justine is nursing a one month old baby and staying in the same community.

The second one is a friend and former workmate who has so far aborted six times and when got pregnant. She came to me asking if it's fine to abort again. I talked with her and thank God she is now five months pregnant. Am still encouraging her because the father for her pregnancy is not responsible. But believe I believe Josephine will come through the pregnancy because she has started loving her child.

So on that note, I am grateful to the Lord and the sessions we had about saving a life.

There's another lady I was told about two days ago who wants to abort so am planning on visiting her personally and encouraging to keep it.

I will keep you posted upon any developments. Best of wishes dear.

These two moms and babies are our 124th babies saved through Pro-Life Global trained leaders because of the investment of generous individuals like yourself. It costs about $1,000 to save a life. That's just $83/month.

Will you invest today to save a life? Donate today!


Pro-Life Global


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