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Pro-Life GLOBAL: Working to Create an Abortion Free World

I met one of the team members of Pro-Life Global on the day after Roe was overturned this year. We were at the U.S. Supreme Court and only talked briefly, but she explained how they had some job openings and what their goal and mission was.

My initial thought was:

An abortion free world? Okay that’s a fine idea in theory… but how are we going to make any sort of difference? I’m literally working for a statewide organization right now and I already feel like we have too much on our plate. Pro-Life Global is taking on the world? Kinda ridiculous if you ask me…

But I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. To make a difference worldwide: isn’t that what I prayed for when I moved to Florida? The opportunity to make a difference in a larger way- on a larger scale? This was larger-scale for sure!

So with the advice from a few close friends, I applied for the job, convinced that it was a long shot but not wanting the opportunity to pass.

I got an interview, and then a second interview, and then a meeting with the board, but I’ll always remember where I was for that first interview. It was late at night and I was at one of my friend’s house when I got the call, so I went outside to take it. I was sitting on the ground on her front porch watching the sun set and as I was on this phone call it hit me just how big the world is- but also just how much of a difference we have the ability to make. I realized right then that if I did get the job, I was going to give it all I had. I was going to stop underestimating the impact I could have and talk to and educate as many people as possible during my time on earth.

Fast forward to now, a few weeks into being part-time with Pro-Life Global, and I’m in awe of so many aspects that come with working with these people from around the world.

Their passion and devotion to defending life and their motivation is unlike much of what I see in the Pro-Life Movement here in America. These people are conquering wifi difficulties, being stuck in the rain, and just every day life incidents to learn about the Pro-Life Movement here in America and how they can bring a value of life to their country.

As I continue with this organization, I’m sure I’ll be writing much more on this topic because it’s something that we in America might not think about as much: what does the pro-life movement look like in developing countries? I think I will continue to be surprised and amazed by what I find!

If you want more information on Pro-Life Global and how you can help, please feel free to DM me or visit our website

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