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Outreach in Nigeria

On April 19, significant strides were made at the University of Abuja and the College of Education Zuba Abuja, both located in Nigeria. Pro-life leaders organized outreach programs at both institutions, distributing a total of eight hundred flyers to educate students on abortion and its destructiveness. 

At the University of Abuja, pro-life leaders engaged in intimate discussions with 112 students, fifty-two of them expressing their intent to join pro-life advocacy efforts. Similarly, at the College of Education Zuba Abuja, 152 students were reached through one-on-one conversations, and seventy-five expressed sincere interest in involvement with pro-life initiatives. 

This underscores the impactful nature of personal outreach. Nearly half of the students directly engaged by our pro-life leaders see the necessity of our mission and want to join! And these are just the people that we heard about, only a fraction of the potential impact. 

By spreading the truth to these students, they are now equipped to share it with others. They will know how to respond if they hear a friend express a desire to get an abortion. They will know how to offer support to a woman who doesn’t know where to turn, where to look for help. These students in Abuja, Nigeria are now better armed with the tools to save lives, all through our outreach programs. 

In Nigeria, despite abortion only being legal under limited circumstances, it remains a prevalent issue. Many individuals resort to the black-market to have abortions, while a significant proportion hold on to pro-abortion sentiments. To truly combat this, we must cultivate a culture of life which can only happen through transformative conversations and meaningful dialogue. 

This is why our work is so important—we can reach people’s hearts and change the culture one by one. Each transformed heart represents a step toward ending abortion and fostering a society where every life is cherished and protected.

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