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Namibians Fight to Defend Their Pro-Life Policies

Namibia – a large coastal country bordering South Africa with a population of only 2.7 million

is hosting public hearings on whether to legalize abortion. Namibians have been rallying religious and community leaders and young people to attend the government hearings and express their vote for life. The hearings started on April 15 th in the Khomoas region of Namibia and continue through April 26 th.

The hearings follow the introduction of a motion in parliament to expand Namibia’s abortion

laws. Organized by the government, the hearings gauge the public’s stance on the issue. Votes are taken at each hearing and the tally of these results gets put into a report which will inform Parliament of the public stance and then the next round of proceedings will begin.

In Namibia, there is a general sense of the value of life, but a small group of people seek to sway the youth to support abortion in Namibia, according to the leader of Conservative Namibia, a local organization aimed at spreading truth. Those advocating for abortion also target the media with misinformation. They are pushing Africa to get on board with western ideas, especially regarding abortion.

“The goal for us at the moment is definitely to combat that,” stated Sasha who leads

Conservative Namibia. How? “By permeating our society with the truth about abortion so that we will be able to stand firm in our understandings and convictions, not only for now, but for generations to come.”

Pro-lifers in Namibia have been hosting rallies and protests to raise awareness of the value of

human life and call for their government to protect moms and babies.

There are no full-time pro-life media organizations in Namibia. It is Conserve Namibia’s goal

and passion to become a dedicated full-time media outlet. They just need resources and funding to make it a reality. They welcome pro-life testimonies and stories to help the public see the reality and impact of abortion on women and their children.

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