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Meet Bridget and Her Baby

Bridget didn’t know what to do. She had nowhere to go. Just a few hours ago, her parents had kicked her out of their home when they found out that she was pregnant. Her mother and stepfather broke the news to her abruptly: she would be without food, without attention, and without support.

She would be on her own because of her pregnancy.

She desperately searched for a solution and thought that the only thing that would solve her problem, that would convince her parents to let her move back in, was to get an abortion.

She called Mercy, a midwife and pro-life leader in Uganda, for help. Mercy responded quickly, coming up with many ideas to save the growing baby. She immediately called Bridget’s parents who wouldn’t compromise on their decision.

The first thing that Bridget needed was a place to live. Mercy knew of an elderly woman who had trouble walking, which led her to a solution for both women. Bridget would live with this elderly woman while helping her move and walk around. Mercy encouraged Bridget to find a way to make her own money to support herself and her baby, so Bridget began preparing and selling food.

With this immense support, Bridget realized that the solution to her problem was not abortion. The life of her baby trumped her initial feelings of fear and anxiety, and she excitingly chose life.

Today, Bridget has a beautiful baby boy!

This is the impact you are having on women, on babies, and on the whole world. Without you, Bridget’s baby may not have been born. 

People often go to Mercy seeking abortion pills, and because there are very few pro-life resources, women are unaware of the harm abortion causes their own bodies and the death that it instigates.

As Bridget’s story teaches us, women do not need abortion. They need support. They need help. They need love. And through this work of God, they will choose life.

Because of you, more and more women every day are choosing life and more and more babies are saved.

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