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Meet Melvin: Living in a Slum Shack with Newborn

Imagine you're in high school, found out you're pregnant, got kicked out

of your home, and

are living with your four-week old in a shack with a dirt floor and rain coming through the roof.

This is Melvin and her newborn daughter's current reality.

Melvin needs your help. She needs some basic necessities (food, soap, baby clothes, mosquito net, etc.). It'll cost about $100.

When she found out that she was pregnant, she was scared and thought abortion was her only option. She knew that her father wouldn’t let her stay in their house, due to the cultural belief that a daughter who gives birth before marriage can’t live in the same building as her father.

When Melvin shared her crisis, the girls in her LIFE Team came alongside her, encouraging her that she could have her baby and they’d be there for her – no matter what.

Melvin gave birth via C-section to a Tiffany Angel four weeks ago. Fellow LIFE Team members have been coming every day to bring her what she needs and support her. Like she figured, her dad refused to let her live in the family home, so she moved into a shack next to the family, so that her mom could help her.

However, where she is living is in danger of falling over in the rain.

Although Phyllis – our sacrificial and kind African coordinator – has spoken with Melvin’s parents and the landlord, there isn't an easy solution for her housing.

Please pray for a change of her father's heart, so she can move back into the family home!

We're going to Kenya next week. If you want to help Melvin, we could put together a care package for you (food, soap, baby clothes, mosquito net, etc.). Just donate at the link below.

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