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Hearing from Dev: Part 2

Devduni De Alwis is committed to making lasting change happen in her country.

Sri Lanka is currently estimated to see between 400-500,000 illegal abortions

annually. With the help of Pro-Life Global, Dev’s lifesaving organization will be called “Unplanned.” Dev shares that the name is a direct juxtaposition to Planned Parenthood.

“We want women to know that unplanned does not mean unwanted," said Dev.

Dev explains that there are major hurdles to overcome in Sri Lanka. With a large rural population, Unplanned will focus on sexual education, abstinence, marriage, the dangers of abortion, and feminine hygiene.

The organization will also educate and advocate for children born with disabilities, ensuring they receive the proper care. An illustrated children’s book about these topics is in the works. Dev also stresses her organization's focus on teaching men about being healthy role models for their families.

She continues, “Our goal is to restore the value of fatherhood, highlighting its importance in the development and well-being of children.”


Because many Sri Lankan women abort out of fear, Dev's long-term goal is to open a pregnancy center. Dev hopes this center will provide a place for women to work and earn an income, while also receiving much-needed care as new or expectant mothers.


Dev knows there is a lot to be done. She refuses to let making a difference be “just a dream.” She says many in her community often talk about making a difference but rarely act. Dev hopes to get as much attention to her organization as possible through social media.


Dev wants to see women and families in her country thrive. She speaks fondly of the parents who raised her and helped shape her perspectives on life.

“My dad is what you might call a radical, I think! He made me love being a woman,” she shared.

Dev wants to bring this attitude to all Sri Lankan women, but she knows there is hard work ahead and cultural shifts will be necessary.

“My mission is to fight laws that hurt moms and babies, educate people, and break down the barriers that lead women to choose abortion.”


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