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God is Moving in Peru

What an incredible first week in Peru!

There have been so many God-moments and none would be possible without you: our generous donors and prayer partners.

We wanted to share this quick update highlighting the week in Peru and what your generosity has done so far in advancing life!


We could see and feel God moving in Peru as our students were trained in outreach and how to start LIFE Teams.

One of the biggest moments for students was our competition at a local mall to start conversations about abortion. The students had over 100 conversations and changed many hearts and minds. Out of 61 people who identified as pro-choice, 29 had their minds changed. That is almost half! What a blessing! The students were also able to recruit almost half of the pro-lifers they spoke with to help in the cause!


The next morning we spoke at church services at the location where our training was held. We watched congregants who had almost nothing financially, come forward and donate to the mission of LIFE Teams. We raised over $200 US dollars from these humble churchgoers. It brought to mind the story in Mark 12:41-44 where Jesus tells his disciples that the widow who donated two pennies gave much more than the rich people who donated vast amounts.


On Monday, we spoke with local news and radio station Bethel TV. They have about 200 Christian University student groups as well as many high school groups. They committed to working together with us to train their leaders to launch LIFE Teams all over Peru.


To top off the week, we met with Congressional leaders who presented PLG with a Congressional Medal of Honor!

A city councilman from Lima, Peru even cried upon holding one of our fetal models. He shared that his mother had almost aborted him but chose life after meeting a missionary who told her she was having a boy who would become a great man.


And finally, we connected with a Pentecostal church network director who pledged to open doors to all of their church ministries which include high school and prison outreach.


Whew! What a whirlwind it has been in the best possible way. God is moving and we are so thankful for each and every one of you. God has big plans for Latin America and we are so excited to continue to advance his kingdom.


God Bless!


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Praise our Almighty Yahweh for moving so distinctly and strongly! Thank you to all in your organization that has heard His voice to serve and protect the pre born!! Hallelujah!

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