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Chastity in the Abortion Conversation

For years, many in the Pro-Life Movement have been separating the conversation of Chastity from abortion, birth control from pre-marital sex. Here are Pro-Life Global, we recognize that all of these issues of respect for ourselves and others are intertwined and the only way to truly create a Culture of Life is if we teach young people that all of these aspects matter.

Earlier this month, I was talking to the African Youth Leadership Coordinator in Uganda. He began the discussion by talking about some logistics: how we can get the youth in Africa involved, conversation about his Youth Leadership Conference at the beginning of next month, and just basic introductions.

However, as the conversation progressed, I quickly realized there was something more on his mind: this man was incredibly concerned about the chastity and sexual health of these young people he was teaching. We discussed this stereotype that is present in the U.S., but even more so in Africa it seems, that if you aren’t having sex with girls- not just one girl, but multiple, even dozens, something is wrong with you. Not only does this go for men, he explained that women feel the same way! They will boast about their “body count” and have absolutely no idea the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harm it causes them.

As I sat there and listened, I realized that this is a problem that comes out of lack of education. If these young people knew what sex did to the hormones of females, if they knew that the intimate act of sex was created to bond one individual to another for a lifetime, they wouldn’t be boasting about their dozens of partners, they would be waiting to find the right one who they are truly meant to spend their life with.

This is only one of the reasons Pro-Life Global is needed in Uganda, all of Africa, and all over the world. These young people need to know these truths: their mental and spiritual health depends on it, and it could possibly mean the difference between abortions and lives of regret and a beautiful, peace-filled life living the way nature and God intended them to live.

If you want to help us bring the message of God's design for reproductive health around the world, donate at or email to learn more.

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