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501c3 Approved! ...And a Girl Who Desperately Needs Your Prayer

Yesterday, we were notified that our 501c3 application was approved! This means that all previous, current, and future donations are and continue to be fully tax-deductible! This is a huge answer to prayer! This morning I got the note from a pregnancy center director in India: "Does anyone know of practical help available in Jammu Kashmir? A Muslim woman is 4-months pregnant and unmarried. She says that her family will kill her if they find out. (Which might actually be true). If a shelter is available she will consider keeping her baby. Please let me know ASAP." We're going to call her Aamira - an Arabic name meaning prosperous and full of life. The multiple pro-life leaders in India I'm working with do not know of any pregnancy centers or maternity homes in this part of India, as it's close to the Pakistani boarder and largely Muslim. In some Muslim families, honor killing is a reality, as unwed pregnancy brings a big shame on the family. Girls literally must choose between their life and that of their child (choosing for their child might mean the death of both of them, if they're not able to get to safety). This is why we need pro-life student/youth groups in every city in India to help girls like Aamira. Donate today to help us train up pro-life youth leaders from across India! If you know of anyone who could help in Jammu Kashmir, please let me know!

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