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2 Marches. 2 People Rescued! 

Dear Friend, A 24-year-old was dumped by her boyfriend. The mom – Nikita – is open to continuing her pregnancy but needs a place to stay. Does anyone know a safe place where she can be cared for near Siliguri, India?” The message came through a group chat, formed two months ago when a married Indian mother won a court case in Delhi. The judge ruled that she could abort her 33-week-old baby, despite the medical board’s previous refusal. Her baby had a prenatal diagnosis, which could likely be resolved by surgery. Hearing about the case, we rushed into action. A Canadian couple offered to adopt the child. But we needed someone in Delhi to handle the adoption paperwork and find a place for the child to stay before the adoption took place. I reached out to our friends at Passion Life who put me in touch with a pro-life leader from Kolkata, who in turn linked us with pastors in Delhi. In the meantime, we searched for the contact info of the mother’s attorney, asking them to inform her of the offer to adopt. She didn’t respond. We went to sleep with heavy hearts. All we could do was pray. Though we never heard from the mom, the crisis had brought us together. And this would prove invaluable. When Nikita’s situation was posted in the chat last Thursday, again the pro-life leaders from different organizations, parts of India, and denominations swung into action. One recommended a maternity home in a different city. Another made sure that Nikita was able to get safely there. A person – plus her mother – had been rescued. A few days prior, I joined international pro-life leaders at and after the March for Life in D.C. We prayed together and strategized on how God wanted us to collaborate for the cause of His Kingdom. Then came another message in our India crisis chat. A student seeking an abortion of her 29-week-old preborn child agreed to pursue adoption instead of abortion after the court intervened. The judge even offered to host the mother in her own home, if she didn’t have a place to stay. It came after the advocacy work of pro-life leaders following the first ever Indian March for Life last year and their continued efforts during the proceedings. And another person had been rescued. Jesus asked us to pray for unity. And it’s through unity – across denominations, nationalities, and countries that lives are saved – now and for eternity.

We’re excited to host workshops with these pro-life heroes in India next month to train leaders from across the country and denominational divides how to equip and empower their young people to rescue moms and dads and babies. Like Christ rescued us from death. Thank you for being a part of God’s mission! Blessings, Bethany

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