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Pro-Life Global Presents: Launch A Life Team

Hope for LIFE in Kibera, Kenya
Kibera, located on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, is one of the poorest slums in Africa. For the people residing there, poverty is a harsh reality that they must face every day of their lives. Unemployment rates are high, access to electricity is almost nonexistent, and garbage and filth line the roads.


Despite all of this, it is not a place without hope. It’s not a place without life.

Irine Awino, a pro-life leader here in Kibera, recently reached out to us with great news. She – together with Dorcas – recruited six new lifesavers for her LIFE Team! Why is recruiting new team members such a big win, especially considering that they just saved their ninth baby from abortion?


This is huge because we can’t save lives alone. Just imagine – if Irine and Dorcas have saved nine moms from abortion in nine months, how many people can be rescued if there are eight lifesavers like Irine and Dorcas? This is replication – lifesavers making disciples who are living out the gospel – saving lives like Christ has saved them.  

And what else- you can make this happen in your own community.

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Become a part of the replicative movement!

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What are LIFE teams, and how will your gift help launch one?
  • Marketing & recruiting a local Christian leader to launch a LIFE Team in their region 

  • Intensive two-day training and on-going long-term mentorship of the national leader who oversees the LIFE Teams in their country

  • A one-day LIFE Advocate Training workshop in the country for up to 50 students who are interested in launching a LIFE Team (travel, water for the event, flyers, fetal models, training certificates, and a LIFE Team guidebook)

  • One-day LIFESAVER Practicum for 15 key leaders on how to train others on the pro-life message, change hearts and save lives during outreaches, and stay strong in Christ as leaders

  • Travel costs for the national leader to follow up and provide ongoing mentorship to the student LIFE Team leaders 

  • Admin costs: money transfer fees, accounting, personnel, etc. 

  • Flyers for on-going outreaches 

  • 50 fetal models

  • Business start-up grant 


73 million lifesavers saving the 73 million lost to abortion each year.


Raise and empower Christian leaders to gather in every city, school, and university to fight for life. 

I went into law in the Dominican Republic because I wanted to make a difference and help my generation follow Jesus in purity and protecting life.  I spoke out on social media, but raising up leaders was hard until I met PLG which helped me launch the first ever pro-life student groups in our country.  

Alexa Young, CA

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